The association leaders of Pakistan Cattle Feed and Dairy and Cattle Famers Association have demanded an increase in the price of milk in order to be sold at Rs150 per litre.

Addressing at the Lahore Press Club, the leaders of the association, Shakir Omar Gujjar and Dr Arshad Zafar stated that the agricultural commodities are being exported without fulfilling the domestic requirement and this has inevitably resulted in growing threat of milk crisis which will worsen similar to witnessed in the wheat and sugar shortage problem. Both association leaders insisted that the new price for Milk be set at Rs 150 per litre. Furthermore, Rs135 was notified with immediate effect for farmers and middlemen. They also emphasized that the rate of any by product cannot exceed more than half of that crop .

They also provided details regarding bran (Rs1600 for 40 kg) and Wheat (Rs1365) prices.