LOS ANGELES - SP - A doctor who treated Michael Jackson for drug addiction issues testifies his mother Katherine knew about the problem.

The late star’s mother Katherine Jackson is suing the concert giant for negligence in the hiring of Conrad Murray, who was prosecuted for manslaughter after administering a fatal dose of propofol to the star.

Katherine took the witness stand earlier this week and according to the New York Daily News “lost her cool” when questioned by the defence lawyer. Katherine also said she never witnessed Michael abusing drugs but admitted that the family staged an intervention at Neverland Ranch in 2002.

On Thursday, jurors viewed a video deposition submitted by Dr. Alimorad Faschian. According to Radar Online the physician claims that in 2002 he implanted a device in the late singer “to block the euphoric effect of his drug choice at the time, Demerol”.

According to Dr. Faschian, Michael “wanted to just not deal with it anymore” when he solicited his help, referring to the drug as “a monkey on his back”.

The medical professional claims Katherine was an active participant in the entire process. Apparently she even examined the wound where the machine was implanted into Michael’s body.

“I think [Katherine] wanted to know all about it, what was going on,” Faschian deposed. “I remember that was in Neverland. Michael did show the implant to his mother. Just his mother was there. She was very happy.”

AEG’s lead counsel Marvin Putnam claims Katherine was unaware of Michael’s true condition, just like executives at AEG.

“As Katherine Jackson has now testified, she was in the dark about her son Michael Jackson’s decades of drug use and ‘closes her ears’ whenever someone discloses anything negative about him,” he told the News following her first day of testimony Friday.   “She doesn’t want anyone or anything to disturb her idealised memory of the child she lost. Who can blame her?” he asked.