FAISALABAD - Textile exporters have hailed the Government’s campaign against gas and electricity theft and vowed to fully support its all efforts aimed at nabbing the gas and power theft mafia to control the massive pilferage of natural resources.  However, the industrial units operating lawfully and have valid legal gas connections should not be harassed, said Asghar Ali, chairman and Muhammad Asif, vice chairman Pakistan Textile Exporters Association here on Friday.

In a statement, the exporters said that massive theft of electricity and gas casts very negative impact on the economy as it creates energy shortage, hits business and industry, raises electricity cost and discourages new investments. Curbing theft and giving exemplary punishment to the culprits will discourage theft in future, reduce line losses and help streamline energy supply, they added. They appreciated the move but demanded not to disturb the fair users of gas and electricity. They said that the district administration along with local gas officials is raiding the industrial units without any concrete information which damages their repute in the market. “We have suggested the Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif and Provincial Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah, in a meeting to include trade Association representatives in the raiding parties to avoid any problem and they agreed with this proposal but district administration have started the raids on reputable industrial units without taking the trade representatives on board,” they added. They said that these unnecessary raids without any solid and authentic information results in creating harassment and panic among the industrial workers and industrialists. They are standing with the Government in this campaign against gas pilferage and will do our best to put the culprits behind the bars, they added.