LAHORE - Pakistan hockey team head coach Akhtar Rasool Friday allowed Olympian Shakeel Abbasi to rejoin the Asia Cup training camp which is in progress here at the National Hockey Stadium.

Talking to the reporters, Akhtar Rasool said: “Neither had I barred any player to observe fast earlier, nor I am disallowing any player to do so. It is their own choice either to observe fast or not but they have to give hundred per cent results during the camp because Asia Cup is very tough assignment for them for which they have to leave no stone unturned in getting training and must have to deliver during the Asia Cup.”

The head coach said in case Pakistan did not qualify for World Cup then it would be very disgraceful for the country which had been qualifying for the World Cup since 65 years. Shakeel Abbasi, who had been asked to leave the camp for fasting during training, said that whether players chose to fast during the training camp was a personal choice. Akhtar Rasool had stated that all team players had been asked not to fast during the training camp since fasting did not allow players to perform to their full capacity during training and had to face difficulty.

Pakistan will participate in the must-win upcoming Asia Cup in Malaysia in order to qualify for the World Cup.