LAHORE - Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) took Jamia Naeemia students to Garhi Shahu graveyard in order to pick waste near graves and in the surroundings of the graveyard on Friday.

Following its operation plan in the month of holy Ramadan, LWMC and contractor companies have ensured washing of all major mosques in the city. Jamia Naeemia mosque was washed by Albayrak which also deputed some 50 workers, mechanical washer and sweeper in order to maintain cleanliness in the residential and commercial areas near Jamia Naeemia.

The students of Jamia Naeemia conducted an awareness walk from mosque to graveyard under supervision of Maulana Raghib Naeemi and LWMC Manager Operation Asif Iqbal.

The students, LWMC volunteers and officers then picked waste from graveyard handing over the waste bags to Albayrak mini dumpers parked nearby.

The objective of the activity was to specially address the Dengue issue which pops up after monsoon rains and accumulation of solid waste in open places and specially graveyards where people litter and throw waste quite negligently inviting deadly diseases other than various threats to environment. Some 300 kg solid waste was removed in this volunteer activity which was termed very useful by Maulana Raghib Naeemi and other participants.

“Careless attitude of people even invites dangers in places like graveyards. World over graveyards are kept waste free and neat, it’s a dilemma that our nation litters in all places and this trend should be discouraged by conducting more of such activities in other graveyards of the city too”, said Maulana Mufti at the end of the activity.

LWMC, Albayrak and Ozpak will keep on washing mosques and big madrissah during Ramadan.