ISLAMABAD : Urging for restoration of democratic institutions in Egypt, Pakistan on Friday called for immediate release of former President Muhammad Morsi. In a statement, Foreign Office said that Pakistan and Egypt enjoy close and friendly relations based on strong bonds of fraternity, mutual respect and common aspirations of the people of the two countries. "It is therefore with a sense of deep concern that Pakistan wishes to express its anguish at the loss of innocent lives in the violence which has currently engulfed Egypt.

This is a major setback for Egypt's return to democracy and to the achievement of aims and objectives of January 2011 revolution", the statement said.

It further said that having itself suffered from repeated extra-constitutional interventions, Pakistan is opposed to military interventions for resolution of the disputes in any country.

Pakistan ,therefore, urges all sides in Egypt to address the legal and Constitutional issues in an inclusive and peaceful manner to enable the country to successfully restore the democratic institutions as early as possible.

"We also call for the immediate release of Muhammad Morsi", it added.

It said that the Government and the people of Pakistan hope that the great nation of Egypt would be able to deal with its affairs in a manner that ensure political stability, sustained democracy and development of their country and prosperity and well being of its people.