UNITED NATIONS - Pakistan told the Syrian Opposition at the UN on Friday that "for Syria, diplomacy is the way forward, not war", and urged the rebel group to engage in the political process to resolve the bloody conflict that has left 100,000 people dead.

"More war has no dividends for Syrian nation," Ambassador Masood Khan said during informal talks the leaders of Syrian National Coalition had with the UN Security Council about their political and military objectives.

"We believe diplomacy cannot be delivered through the battleground,” the Pakistani envoy said.

"The war in Syria is one of the most painful tragedies of our times," he said.

“We see a nation pitted against itself. Syrian killing Syrian. As several battles rage in Syria, we see a nation inflicting wounds on its own body.”

Friday's meeting, convened by Britain, a permanent member of the Security Council, was held under the format of "Arria formula", which is named after a former Venezuelan Ambassador to the UN.

It is a very informal consultation process which affords members of the Security Council the opportunity to hear persons in a confidential, informal setting.

The SNC delegation led by new coalition President Ahmad Jarba met Ambassadors from the 15-member Council, including envoys from Russia, the main backer of President Bashar al-Assad, and from the United States, Britain and France, which are considering arming the rebels.

Diplomats said SNC's appearance at the Security Council does not mean recognition of the rebel group.

In his impassioned remarks, the Pakistani envoy said the killings and destruction were going on while Syria, its neighbours, and the international community have all the means to resolve the crisis through dialogue and diplomacy, peaceful means of negotiation, mediation, and conciliation.

Ambassador Masood Khan said the Geneva Conference aimed at settling the conflict was being postponed; while the demands for more arms supplies become louder. "Both sides want to settle scores on the battleground before moving to the negotiating table."

The Pakistani envoy noted that the influence of the extremists in armed groups was increasing. "They want to impose their agenda on Syria and the region.For Syria, diplomacy is the way forward, not war."

The political process should Syrian-led and Syrian-owned. Syrians should be masters of their own destiny. The agreement on a transitional mechanism with full executive authority, as envisaged in Geneva I communique, provides a basis for resolution of the conflict in Syria, he added.