ISLAMABAD - Nomad Art and Culture Centre will be organising an exhibition of brilliant art collections by five young artists from Pakistan and Afghanistan titled ‘Absence Of The Present’ on July 27 (Saturday) here at Nomad Art Gallery.

Comprising of original art pieces, the exhibition is aimed at addressing the root causes of conflict and to bridge the trust deficit between the two countries to strengthen ties and create an environment of peace.

Along with young artists, the original art works from famous artists such as Sadqain, Mohsin Taasha, Resham Javed and Sri Lankan artist Sivasubramaniam Kajendran would also be displayed to serve art enthusiasts from the twin cities. 

Young people believed to be the valuable assets to the present and future of any country. These art works were the imagination of the young minds from both the sides that could help both societies to have a different view of each other while reflecting innovative solutions through their creative and thought provoking art.