PESHAWAR - The Bank of Khyber got three new directors after being declared winners unopposed at the Extraordinary General Meeting of the shareholders of the bank.

Three directors of the BoK had retired upon completion of their mandated term. Chairman Board of Directors Dr. Hammad Uwais Agha chaired the meeting. Shams-ul-Qayyum, Managing Director and Dr. Ihsanul Haq, Director were also present.

The major shareholders being Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Ismail Industries were both represented at the meeting. A number of shareholders also participated in the meeting.

The meeting Maqsood Ismail Ahmad, Asad Muhammad Iqbal and Javed Akhtar were elected directors unopposed. On this occasion, Dr. Hammad Uwais Agha said that Bank’s image and operations had improved manifold.

The Chairman highlighted that the Bank has also issued Cash dividend for the first time since its inception, which clearly indicates proper management of the Bank’s affairs. The Chairman stressed better utilisation of the Bank’s resources for uplift and development of the Province.

Dr Hammad called upon the executives to come up with new products and ideas on how the deposit base of the Bank should be better utilised.

He also called for more harmony and co-operation between banks and civil society so that both could benefit from each other.