LAHORE - The International Day against Drug Abuse was observed in the provincial capital on Friday. ANF, Excise and Taxation and different NGOs held awareness walk from Race Course Park to Kinnaird College.

The walk was attended by peoples from political and social circles, besides members of different NGOs and students from different educational institutions. The programmes were held under the auspices of United Nations Drug Control Program throughout the world as an International Day against the drug abuse.

The Excise & Taxation Department also celebrated this day with zeal and zest under supervision of Excise and Taxation Officer Latif Anjum. A walk was arranged with collaboration of Akmal Awaisi, President Tanzeem AI-Fajar Pakistan and other Departments/NGOs from Main Gate Race Course Park, Jail Road to the Main Gate Kinnaird College, Jail Road.

Participants of the walk were carrying banners and posters against narcotics and drug abuse.

Addressing the participants of the walk, Akmal Awaisi said that it was not sole responsibility of the government to eradicate narcotics from the country but every individual would have to play his positive role for its eradication. Though ANF was doing wonder in this regard, other segments of the society would also have to come forward to play an active role against drugs, he added.

Lab inaugurated

University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) Vice Chancellor Dr Talat Naseer Pasha inaugurated Amino Acid Analysis Laboratory at Ravi Campus Pattoki on Friday.

The lab has been established keeping in view the great need of industry to maintain pace with the advancements in poultry and livestock feed formulations for accurate quantification of ingredients, especially the proteins and amino acids in diet. There is a huge variation in plant and animal origin proteins and their amino acids contents leading to an excessive variation to be measured. Adequate and consistent amino acids contents in a compound feed are key elements for optimum and profitable animal production. This results in efficient utilisation of feed and less emission of nitrogen into the environment.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Pasha said this facility would run on commercial scale to assist the feed milling industry of the country and conducting research in this import segment of animal science.

The lab is equipped with technologically most advanced dedicated amino acid analyser, Biochrome 30+. This analyser can quantify all 24 of the amino acids present in the sample whether it is an ingredient, compound feed, blood or the digesta sample. The lab is also equipped with all the necessary equipment required for the sample preparation and running including ultra centrifuge grinding mill, rotary evaporator, forced air oven, slow speed centrifuge, and digital pH meter. The analyser is attached with temperature controlled auto sampler in which 96 samples at one time can be placed and run with the single command.

The aim of the establishment of amino acid analysis laboratory enhance applied research capacity of the University as well as serve the poultry and livestock farming for efficient diet formulations. This laboratory was dedicated to Prof Dr Muhammad Yaqoob Malik, a renowned Animal Nutritionist whose research provided bases for modern feed milling industry of the country.