Kanye West has revealed he plans his working day around his baby daughter. The outspoken star, who is due to headline Glastonbury this weekend, said he schedules business meetings around one-year-old North, who is known by the nickname Nori. In a frank and exclusive interview in the latest issue of Q magazine, West also spoke his mind on celebrity culture and race.

Criticising the money-driven celebrity culture, he said: ‘ I just think there’s a lot of celebrities that are completely controlled by their finances. ‘You could literally tap them on the wrist and say they lost five dollars and they’ll fall to the floor and beg for at least four of the dollars back.

‘So when people expect a celebrity to do or say anything, you’re talking to the wrong group of people. ‘They won’t use their voice for the people. They’ll only use their voice for money.’ ‘I’ll address (politics) however, it needs to be addressed, because the world is broken. Somebody’s got to be crazy enough to put themselves and their wellbeing on the line for truth. Somebody’s gotta do it.’

West also spoke about race, and addressed an online petition protesting the fact that he is headlining Glastonbury, calling it ‘ an insult to music fans all over the world’. ‘I’m not concerned about race. I don’t think it has to do with race at all. ‘There’s something abnormal about anyone speaking their mind in today’s society,’ he said, adding: ‘It’s even more shocking or radical for someone to see a darker skin be so confident. ‘Because we’ve been advertised against it.

So it’s surprising when someone darker really believes in themselves and speaks up about it.’