A 40-year-old man died after a bull gored him and another was injured during bull-runs this week in western Spain, a regional official said on Friday.

The man died of a heart attack in hospital after being gored in the chest and belly on Wednesday in the town of Coria, a spokesman for the Extremadura regional authorities told AFP. A video published on the internet showed the huge black bull lifting the man off the ground as it charged into the crowd behind barriers in the town’s bullring. The bull was slaughtered on Thursday, officials said. On Thursday night a man aged 23 was hurt in another bull-run in Coria but his life was not in danger.

The events were held to mark the popular folk festival of Saint John, in which revellers across Spain run alongside huge fighting bulls and in some places jump through bonfires. “Unfortunately in a festival like this, these things happen from time to time,” the town’s mayor Jose Manuel Garcia told reporters.

“It is a very dangerous festival, with bulls running through the streets and a high risk of accidents.” Spain’s biggest and most popular bull-running festival runs from July 6 to 14 in Pamplona, northern Spain. That San Fermin fiesta, made famous by the US writer Ernest Hemingway, draws hundreds of thousands of revellers from numerous countries. Fifteen people have died in San Fermin bull-runs since 1911.