LONDON - Muttahida Qaumi Movement leader Tariq Mir has made shocking revelations regarding money laundering and Indian funding for the party.

According to a TV channel, Tariq’s confessional statement has been leaked on the social media on Friday.

TV said Tariq during investigations by the UK authorities disclosed that the MQM had received funds from Indian spy agency RAW since 2010. He told the police officials that his first meeting with RAW agents took place in Rome where funds issue was discussed. He also accepted that middle-level leadership of the MQM Karachi had been trained by RAW in India.

“We were informed two days in advance prior to such meetings as this,” he added, saying his responsibility included the arrangement regarding air tickets and hotel.

Tariq told the police officials that the funding issue was only discussed among four top leaders of the MQM including him, Altaf Hussain, Dr Farooq, and M Anwar.

He said the ‘funding’ was earlier received in cash and in the US dollars, which was later converted into British pounds.

Reacting to the statement of Tariq Mir, MQM said it did not know about the reality of the statement. In its initial response to Tariq Mir’s leaked statement given to Britain’s Scotland Yard police, the MQM spokesman said the party cannot comment on the statement.