FAISALABAD-A tough competition is likely between PML-N and PTI in Faisalabad district for 10 National Assembly and 21 Punjab Assembly seats.

Faisalabad district was earlier comprised of 11 national and 22 provincial assembly seats.

After the recent consensus one national and one provincial assembly seats were subtracted from the district.

PTI has fielded its candidates on 10 national assembly seats of the district. On the other hand, PML-N is facing serious hurdles to award party tickets for two National Assembly constituencies.

PTI and PML-N are also reviewing their candidates list for four to five provincial assembly seats. The NA-101 Faisalabad-1 seat has become a big mountain to climb up for the PML-N and has not yet nominated or announced a candidate for the slot.

PTI in the same constituency has been facing serious protest by its workers and office-bearers for announcing three tickets to the Sahi family.

Former Punjab Assembly speaker Ch Afzal Sahi and his elder brother Ghulam Rasool Sahi started their politics from PML-N.

After October 12, 1999, the army took over and they joined PML-Q,. Before the elections of May 11, 2013 they joined PML-N again and after getting two tickets from Nawaz Sharif they won the general elections.

In 2002, they were defeated by PPP NA candidate Tariq Bajwa. Recently before the upcoming general elections of July 25 2018, the Sahi family joined PTI and after hardly 15 days of their joining, Imran Khan visited their house on invitation and announced three tickets for Sahi family.

Ghulam Rasool Sahi also announced retirement from politics while his son Zulqarnain Sahi was nominated PTI candidate for NA-101. Former speaker Punjab assembly Afzal Sahi and his son Ali Afzal Sahi were announced as PTI candidate from PP-97 and PP-98 and both the constituencies are under NA-101.

During the general elections of May 11 2013, NA-101 was NA-75. Then, NA-75 was the first and NA-85 was the last national assembly constituency but now NA-101 is the first and NA-110 last national assembly constituency of Faisalabad district.

After new population consensus not only the numbers but many areas have been reshuffled. The PML-N is ready to nominate one of the famous political bigwigs Asim Nazir as its candidate because he had been winning three general elections from NA-77 old Faisalabad-3 but NA-77 was divided in three parts.

He was first willing to contest election from NA-106 Faisalabad-6 but Nawaz Sharif announced party ticket for Mian Muhammad Farooq. Asim Nazir is younger brother of chairman district council Zahid Nazir.

Nazir family demanded two tickets from PML-N - one for Asim Nazir and other for Masood Nazir, the son of chairman district council. Asim Nazir submitted nomination papers for NA-101 and Masood Nazir for NA-106 and its provincial assembly slot. Nazir family and PML-N leadership are yet on phase of dead lock.

Therefore, it is expected that Asim Nazir may contest election as an independent candidate whereas it is also likely that Nazir family can take rest regarding the upcoming elections. It is also pertinent to mention Asim Nazir is son-in-law of PTI central leader Ch Ashfaq.

Some political analysts repeatedly express a point of view that Nazir family would contest elections independently and according to their track record join PTI or PML-N, which will be the ruling party. Nazir family started their politics from PML-N.

Later they joined PPP. Asim Nazir was elected member of National Assembly two times on the ticket of PML-Q and once on PML-N ticket. It is easy to express that NA-101 has become a den of political birds commonly known as 'lootas' in the political culture.

PPP has awarded ticket to its former MNA Tariq Mehmood Bajwa. He was elected MNA after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto during the general elections of February 18 2008.

He is the son of late Ghulam Mustafa Bajwa. Bajwa was one of the oldest PPP office-bearers in Faisalabad and Punjab.

He was considered one of the closest politicians of Ghulam Mustafa Khar when he was Punjab governor. After the elections of 2002 in Musharraf regime when NA-101 (old NA-75) was a safe haven for proclaimed offenders, gangsters, dacoits and other criminals backed by politicians, Tariq Bajwa after being elected played a daring role to clean the constituency especially Chak Jhumra and Sahianwala from them.