KANDHKOT - Following the world community, ceremonies and rallies from different organizations and education sectors were taken out here on Wednesday to create a public awareness about ill-effects of drug abuse in Kashmore. 

The International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is observed on 26 June every year since 1989. In 1987 General Assembly passed the resolution to achieve its aim of making the international society free of drug abuse and its unlawful trade.

A rally, led by Excise and Taxation, DC officials, ACs, education officials and information officers was held from DC Chowk to tower roundabout.

Addressing on the occasion, the speakers told that today the problem of drug abuse was a serious issue not only in Pakistan but throughout globe also. Drug abusers harm not only themselves but also their families and communities ultimately.

They informed that In order to attain more comprehensive study of the menace United Nations Office on Drug Crime (UNODC) is effectively monitoring and researching drug markets. UNODC is an international organization which is fighting against illegal drug abuse and its production which is considered as an international crime.