There is a famous Japanese proverb that 'after a great storm, you can see more clearly where there is solid ground. Japanese are known for their social behaviour, politeness and etiquettes. I was surprised while watching a YouTube link, where a graduation ceremony was disturbed due to the earthquake. There was a brief moment of confusion but immediately everyone started working collectively to clear the rubble. Japanese call it the 'E-tai movement, which means 'come together as one body. The recent earthquake and tsunami is a true example of the E-Tai movement. Not a single looting incident was reported from anywhere. Instead they waited in long queues patiently outside the grocery stores for basic necessities. Despite long queue, everyone remained calm and polite. In many societies, neighbours willingly share electricity with others and cut back on energy use to minimise blackouts.We should learn from Japan, especially how to cultivate a sense of patience and discipline among the people. KOMAL ATA, Lahore, March 26.