MIRANSHAH (AFP) - Pakistan will pay compensation to the families of 39 people who died in a US drone strike on a northwestern tribal area bordering Afghanistan, an official said Saturday. Civilians and police were among those killed when missiles hit a compound in Datta Khel, 40 kilometres west of Miranshah, the main town in North Waziristan on March 17. Tribal administration official Asghar Khan told AFP a compensation package was ready for the victims families. Three hundred thousand rupees ($3,530) each will be paid to 39 families, while 100,000 rupees will be paid to six injured, Khan said, adding that payments would commence from Monday. Pakistan summoned US Ambassador Cameron Munter and told him that it would not attend the March 26 meeting with officials from Washington and Kabul in response to Thursdays drone strike. Pakistans civilian and military leaders have condemned the strike, demanding an apology and an explanation from the United States. Online adds:?ISAF Commander in Afghanistan Gen David Petraeus apprised the US government of severe protest by the Pakistan Army brass over the Datta Khel drone attack in which 44 people lost their lives, and demanded that in future such attacks be avoided which target tribesmen, otherwise cooperation of the Pakistan Army in the war on terror would end. Defence sources told Online that Gen Petraeus contacted the Pakistan Army leadership and had to face tough reaction from the Army. It was made clear Petraeus that innocent people and tribesmen were targeted in the drone attacks. These people had always cooperated with the Pakistan Army against terrorists. The drone attack not only damaged the Pakistan Army but in fact benefited the terrorists, sources said. Sources said the Pakistan Army made it clear that prior to launching such attacks, the US should confirm its intelligence and targets and should stop launching attacks on the call of local agents who could be supporting terrorists. Gen Petraeus expressed his regret over the incident. However, so far the Pentagon or the State Department have not formally apologised or even regretted the attack. Due to this cold attitude of the US, the Pakistan Army have apprised the US of its displeasure through backdoor channels, sources added. On the other hand, the democratic government of Pakistan is also silent after condemning the incident and has not formally asked the US to apologise.