ISLAMABAD - The weekly inflation went down during the last week owing to reducing impact of floods on food commodities, slightly lower oil prices and reduction in governments borrowing from the State Bank. The inflation, which increased to 15.5 per cent in December, has reduced to 12.9 per cent in February. However, the economists believe that inflation could go up again in the coming months, as the government has withdrawn the tax exemptions on the agricultural inputs including tractors, fertilizers and seeds, which might lead to higher food commodities prices. They believe that government could not maintain oil prices at the current level for long if its international prices increased. According to the latest figures released by Federal Bureau of Statistics, the inflation based on Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) showed minor decrease of 0.22 per cent during last week and was registered at 15.91 per cent. Meanwhile, SPI based inflation for the lowest income group (earning up to Rs3000 per month) has declined by 0.18 per cent on weekly basis and went down to 16.72 per cent on yearly basis. Meanwhile, for the income group (Rs3001-5000), it went down by 0.16 per cent during the last week and was registered at 16.05 per cent on annual basis. Similarly, SPI-based inflation was recorded at 15.39 per cent for the income group (Rs5001-12000) followed by 15.23 per cent for the income group (Rs12000 and above). According to the figures, prices of 23 items showed increase during last week, 11 items prices went down while prices of 19 commodities did not show any change and remained constant during the previous week. The prices of following commodities increased in a week period that included Voil printed, bath soap, chicken, coarse latha, electric charger, cooked beef plate, sugar, lawn, salt, bananas, washing soap, curd, mutton, cooked dal plate, mustard oil, gur, moong pulse washed, firewood, mash pulse washed, shirting, rice basmati broken, garlic and milk fresh. Meanwhile, the prices of commodities including tomatoes, onions, eggs, potatoes, gram pulse washed, masoor pulse washed, red chillies, vegetable ghee loose, wheat flour average quality, LPG (11 kg cylinder) and wheat average quality decreased during last week.