ISLAMABAD (APP) Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) here on Saturday stressed the need for developing an Industrial Policy which is implementable and has the ingredients to provide the much needed impetus to manufacturing and exports. Vice President ICCI, Muhammad Tauseef Zaman addressing the business community said that potential of growth and development of a country is linked to the extent of investment, urbanization and industrialisation. He said that revival of the Pakistan economy hinges on the performance of its industry and its forward and backward linkages. The industrial policy should aimed at designing concrete solutions to meet the emerging challenges which stem from the gradual erosion of the countrys industrial competitiveness in an increasingly open and specialized trading environment. ICCI Vice President said countries like China, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore have emerged as industrialized nations only because they accorded a high priority to the development of industrial sector. He cited the example of China which has overtaken Japan as the worlds second highest economy because it has enjoyed a manufacturing boom and the subsequent expansion of its domestic industries and infrastructure. He asked for reducing foreign dependency through import substitution industrialization and obtaining economies of scale of production which will strengthen and stabilize the state. Creating a strong industrial base is necessary in Pakistan through improved physical infrastructure and increased productivity among manufacturing firms. By recognizing the need for infrastructure among industry the government should launch more projects that will be benefiting the economy and the public at large, he added.