LAHORE The Lahore High Court has been prayed through an application to stay the auction of shops and restaurant at the first floor of Park and Ride Plaza at Liberty Market. The plea has been moved by Mohammad & Ahmed, and other shop owners in an already pending petition against the construction of the said plaza, which the petitioners claim, has been built on the land which originally was allocated for the development of a park. The application under section 151 of CPC prays for staying auction of 26 shops on the floor of the Plaza inter alia contending it was based on malafide intention to deprive them through coercion and harassment of their due rights as their customers were not being allowed to park vehicles in front of their shops which was an illegal and unconstitutional act. They said this court had issued pre-admission notice to the respondents on February, 9 2011, since then they have been making efforts to realise ulterior motives of sale/auction of all the shops, restaurant and mini caf so that the interests could be shifted to the intended purchasers in order to cause hurdle in the fair decision of this constitutional petition. They said a reply to the petition had been submitted but copies had not been supplied to the petitioners, which held them back from filing a rejoinder. They said previously the respondents had requested for adjournment of the case till April, 15, which was objected to by the applicants contending that respondents intended to sell out the whole plaza in the meantime with the intention of involving interests of purchasers as well.