In this point in time the Western imperialist forces have overpowered the Muslim countries like a storm. Muslims have not been deprived of their right of a free and honorable life but have been politically subdued and economically looted. Their culture and religion are subject to the severe attacks from the West. And it is a pity that our holy book The Quran and the holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have been particular targets of their malicious attacks. The American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have caused untold misery to the Muslims. There has been heavy loss of life and economical devastation not only for both these countries but the entire Muslim world. The so-called 'the front line ally in the war on terror Pakistan is also suffering unimaginable losses so far. Its borders are now unsafe and its internal peace is constantly in trouble. We are actually in the flames of the fire kindled by America. Suicide attacks and bomb blasts in our cities and towns are now daily occurrences. Drone attacks in the tribal areas of Pakistan have killed hundreds of innocent citizens for the past several years. It is actually a struggle between the forces of Islam and the forces of evil led by the US. We as Muslims must stay put and foil the enemies evil plans. Munir Ahmed Khalili, March 26.