President Barack Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, now has a war of his own making in Libya, probably because he was not satisfied with the wars he inherited from Bush. Now from his imperial presidency, he is hell-bent on taking this war to greater heights than what Bush could do in Afghanistan and Iraq. From the East Room of the White House, he gave his toughest speech saying: Libya was central to the whole wave of challenges in the Middle East and now is the opportunity to realign our interests, in pursuit of the UN resolution and all steps will be taken, short of the boots, to get Gaddafi. It appears that Obama is looking for another Kosovo or Kuwait, although Libya is altogether a different ballgame. In such great haste, the Operation Odessy Dawn was launched, killing hundreds of civilians, damaging Gaddafis air defence and military command and control systems. Hundreds of targets have been engaged by Tomahawk missiles, while the allied air forces of Great Britain, France, Italy and Canada have engaged military targets around Benghazi and Tripoli. In fact, a massive air attack has been launched without a clear-cut strategy, trying to restrain the murderous madness of Gaddafi, and if necessary targeted actions will be taken, (meaning assassination) as French President Nicholas Sarkozy has declared. Likewise, British Prime Minster Cameron has warned: Gaddafi has lied to the international community. He must go, by whatever means possible. Thus, Gaddafi has become an end in itself for the West, making the war personal, and that is where, this war launched in such haste by this 'unholy alliance is likely to go haywire. So let us count the pitfalls: The war has no clear cut objective: Is it to get Gaddafi dead or alive; or protect the civilians being killed by the dictator; or despite such display of 'shock and awe can the air power alone eliminate Gaddafi? The NATO bombed Serbia for 78 days to get Milosevic, how many days the coalition will take to get Gaddafi? And suppose, he is eliminated, who can stop his son or someone else to carry the banner forward? And if the main objective is to gain control over the strategic oil producing regions of the country, that would be possible only by physically invading the land. The question is: Who amongst the allies would be willing to land troops and bell the cat? The air operations would fast be sliding down the slippery slope into a full-blown campaign of regime change and that wont be fine with the State Department, without the troops on land. Apparently, the air assault is not likely to produce even short-term gains. The conflict will prolong with serious consequences. The Arab World opinion in particular and the Muslim World in general, will turn against the invasion of a Muslim country, which posed no threat to any of the countries of the 'unholy alliance. For sure, Gaddafi would emerge as the champion of the Arab cause. And the worst that will happen is that, very soon the jihadis from Iraq, Afghanistan and the neighbouring countries, particularly the Takfiris from Iraq will start pouring in to liberate the Muslim land, as it happened in Afghanistan in 2001. The rebels in Libya are joining Gaddafis loyalists to deal with the external threat; the same as the armed forces of Shah of Iran joined the Islamic revolutionaries to defeat the Iraqi invaders in 1980-88. Further, the powerful Salafi Movement leader, Abu Musab, now has joined the jihad against the crusaders. In 1996, the CIA had bribed Abu Musab to assassinate Gaddafi, but failed. Now, he is getting arms and ammunition from him. Actually, Libya is another Afghanistan in the making. Obama ignored Pentagons advice and also failed to consult the Congress before waging the war. Reportedly, in taking this decision Obama bowed to pressure from a triumvirate of women in his administration - Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power and Susan Rice. It seems that Obama acted like Musharraf, who in 2001 agreed to all the seven conditionalities of the Pentagon without consulting his Cabinet or the military command, and joined the immoral American war on Afghanistan - a neighbourly Muslim country that had done no harm to Pakistan. Even today, our nation continues to suffer the consequences of this fatal decision. The Arab League and the OIC feel cheated, because the UN resolution was to impose a no-fly zone over Libya, followed by sanctions. But it turned into a full-fledged attack by the Western alliance. The distrust so created, will have serious consequences. The invasion will also arouse Arab nationalism, which will assert itself, despite the divisions and dissentions within. The war by the international coalition will also dampen the democratic awakening in the Middle East and particularly risks changing that narrative in Libya. By accepting the demand of the UN resolution for a ceasefire, Gaddafi in one move has reversed the most powerful argument behind the revolution, and has prevented the massacre in Benghazi. Gaddafi would thus retain control over most of the land, and the rebels will lose popular support. The Russians and the Chinese did not veto the UN resolution, because they wanted the West to be militarily drawn into Libya in the same way as the Americans blundered into Afghanistan, in 2001, with the two countries supporting the UN resolution. The West expects to win the war quickly, but that is a pipedream and no victory is in sight and the expected military glory in Libya is elusive, as it is in Iraq and Afghanistan. No doubt, this war is Obamas Kargil into Libya. The fact of the matter is that, another Muslim country has been invaded with such arrogance of power, which is seen as the continuation of the last 30 years of state-sponsored terrorism against the world of Islam: such as, the occupation of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union in 1978-80; the eight-year war of liberation by the Afghans from 1980 to 88; the eight-year Iran-Iraq war from 1980-88; the first Gulf War in 1990; the nine-year civil war in Afghanistan from 1992-2001; the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan by USA and its allies in 2001; the invasion and occupation of Iraq by USA since 2003; the Israeli war on Lebanon in 2006 and the ongoing brutal wars in Palestine and Kashmir together have killed over six million Muslims and many more who are seriously wounded. But the crimes continue with new ferocity. What will be the outcome of the war on Libya - the mediaeval call for crusades, as described by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, explains the very hollowness of the civilised behaviour of the civilised world. It is the Muslim world that would suffer with more death and destruction, and pillage of yet another country, while, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Kashmir, continue to burn and bleed. The oppressors of the world have to give a chance to peace, but that is not to be, because the 'new great game has just begun - the Saudi and GCC armed forces have entered Bahrain, under the watchful eyes of the West. The fire so lit, will spread far and beyond. n The writer is a former Chief of Army Staff, Pakistan Email: