LAHORE The United Kingdom on Saturday hoped that Pakistan-India cricket diplomacy would help normalise cordial relations between the nuclear-armed neighbours and said that both the countries have to solve the Kashmir dispute by themselves. We would like to see India and Pakistan having much better relations,,, I hope that the cricket match would contributes to that,,, and then we can move on to see better relations in other areas not just sports such as trade between both the countries. That would be wonderful, Mr Adam Thompson, British High Commissioner told reporters here at Royal Palm Golf and Country Club on Saturday. Accompanied by Deputy High Commissioner Mr Robert Gibson and Mr Rashid Mehr Managing Director Moody International, Mr Adam Thompson was responding to reporters at a joint news conference held in connection with the Moody International Limited UKs 100th Anniversary Celebrations. The two governments going to help solve (Kashmir dispute) by themselves,,, huge experience show that,, they need,, two governments taking accountable issues of the Kashmiri people that meanwhile make best team home, he added. When asked about the international powers commitment to help Pakistans economy at a time when the country is facing multiple challenges particularly on economic front, Mr Adam Thompson said that the United Kingdom is coming forward to support Pakistan. We have been, I think its fair to say,,, Pakistans strongest supporters in the European Union and in the World Trade Organization, trying to secure an opening of European markets to Pakistani goods. Mr Thompson added. We believe that trade is the way to go for Pakistans economy and that would be much, much, more powerful for seeing Pakistans economy growing, he said, and urged the Pakistan government should move forward to introduce economic reforms in the country. Responding to another question, he said that it could take years (to Pakistan) to get access to the European Markets but the EUs aspiration with Pakistan is to work for Free Trade Agreement. He said the UK is playing key role in this regard. Earlier, Deputy High Commissioner Mr Gibson said that Pakistan and UK are working for Extradition Treaty like other several issues that needed to be discussed and solved. He said that Pakistan is the best country in the region for business as he had seen world-class business operations here. He also said that the UK had been on the frontline to achieve access for Pakistani goods in the internationals markets. He also said that British are the second largest investor in Pakistan. Responding to a question, Mr. Gibson said that the UK government has introduced several reforms in the education sector to ensure than genuine people should go to UK for genuine education. Meanwhile, MD MI Rashid Mehr said that 2011 would be an exciting year for Moody International Group as the Company celebrates its 100th Anniversary. He said that the Moody International is a Top British Brand and its importance for the British economy is vital. The presence of Moody Brand in Pakistan is also an endorsement for other UK/British businesses to take advantage of this unspoiled Pakistani market and invest without any fear and doubt. Moody International, Mr Mehr said, has completed a major mile stone and 100th Anniversary is not an every day event and not many get to celebrate it rather not many companies survive that long. We at Moody Pakistan feel fortunate and privileged to be part of this celebration. Ml in Pakistan has been one of the success stories in the Moody Group and today we boast to be the market leader in the Certification and Energy Business, he added. Our brand and unmatchable services have helped the local industry boost their exports; improve quality of services, management and product. Moody certification & energy services guarantee both supplier satisfaction and client acceptance to international conformance. MI in Pakistan has played an important role to educate the industry to understand the standardization needs and how it helps improve their overall quality and give access to international market and help compete with regional economies. Moody apart from certification business plays a critical role in the energy sector and provides technical and management & engineering services to the Oil & Gas (exploration) power, mining, infrastructure and other key industry and has blue chip clients locally and globally. Thousands of clients locally and globally and our global network of 80 offices in 60 countries and thousands of employees is a living example of true multinational values with roots in Britain. Impartiality, Integrity & Accountability makes us a distinct service provider and has put us on the slot of Market Leader in virtually every country, he maintained. He further said that in coming months Moody International would announce its expansion plan in Pakistan both in business and commercial.