It has been three years since the PPP-led set-up was given the task of manoeuvring the country out of the abyss in which General Musharraf had left it. This was by no means an ordinary task keeping in view the mass-casualty attacks, Balochistan conflict and social unrest owing to the increasing gap between the haves and the have-nots. Setting things right demanded of the leadership to show a revolutionary zeal. Alas, it is nowhere visible neither to the politically conscious individuals nor the masses whose problems instead of getting resolved have worsened. There has been success on some counts for instance the passage of the 7th NFC Award and 18th and 19th Amendments of the Constitution. Meanwhile a whole range of issues have been ignored. President Zardari pledged to address the longstanding Baloch grievances, but Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan package announced to remove them remains more or less on paper, as the situation assumes uglier dimensions. The tendency of the government being long on rhetoric and short on action is not limited to this issue alone. Its apathy is prominent in its lacklustre response to the scourge of terrorism that has thrown us in a whirlpool of chaos, and we blindly follow the American destructive diktat. On top of that, the leadership seems to be happy indulging in political wrangling at the cost of peoples welfare. Bad governance reigns supreme as manifested by loadshedding, corruption, inflation and an unprecedented rise in incidents of street crime and terrorism, including target killings. Unless the PPP-led set-up puts to proper use the remaining two years, the nation would continue to suffer.