On March 20, in Florida, two insane individuals, so-called pastors, Terry Jones and Wayne Sapp, burnt a copy of Holy Quran, to hurt the feelings of Muslims around the Globe. Instead of starting criminal proceedings against the two culprits, who claim themselves to be pastor with less then one dozen followers, the action wascalled abhorrent act by the US. Clearly it shows that protection and support has been given to Muslim antagonistsin US. Earlier the notorious man had raked up a controversy in September last year but was stopped from his devilish act, following strong condemnation from Muslim world.Sadly we spared Terry off the hook last year and now he is back with his ugly acts. A priest cannot even imagine doing such heinous crime of desecrating holy book.Those who have committed this offence, definitely suffer fromsevere mental disorder. It is worth mentioning that Allah, the Almighty has Himself taken the responsibility of protecting Holy Quran. So-called pastors in the USare only brining a bad name to their country. US official has condemned it as an abhorrent act which is insufficient.Both pastors should be sent behind bars for rest of their lives. However,if the US fails to do so, it is ourprime responsibility to take the case to InternationalCourt of Justice, Hague. IFTIKHAR SHAHEEN MIRZA, Islamabad, March 26.