If a rabid dog bites you, you cannot bite it to avenge the agony the poor animal has given to you. I think no Christian with some knowledge of Christianity can ever commit a paranoid act of desecrating the Holy Quran. By burning a copy of the most widely read book, The Holy Quran, the Pastor of Florida has violated the sanctity of his own religion. I reckon, he has not read the Holy Quran thoroughly. If he had gone through it, he would never had burnt a copy of it as it describes the life and teachings of the Christ besides Mary and other great prophets like Abraham, Soloman,David, Moses and many others who are as holy to the Muslims as they are to the Christians. By burning the Holy Quran, he has in fact burnt the Bible because both the holy books depict the same teachings. The sacrilegious act of the Pastor has cut deep into the hearts of 1.5 billion Muslims all over the world. We the Muslims can only condemn this act by lodging a strong protest with those at whose behest a crank Pastor has done something which all the sane persons hate from the deepest core of their hearts. Had we been vindictive or extremists, we would have paid the so-called pastor in the same coin by burning a copy of the Bible. But it is mandatory for us to have a belief on the Bible or otherwise we cannot claim ourselves to be the Muslims and we cannot dare do any blasphemous thing of this kind. I wonder why Pope Benedict is now silent on this unholy act but is hell bent to get the Blasphemy Laws of Pakistan changed which protect the honour of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)? It is the moral and legal responsibility of the Obama administration to take cognizance of the matter and the perpetrators must be brought to justice by trying the real culprits in a court of law who have exploited a rabid Pastor who in my opinion should be sent to a mental asylum for the treatment of his aberrant mind. The US ambassador to Pakistan, Mr. Munter has condemned the baleful act of the Pastor but with the same breath he has said that the US vehemently believes in the right of expression. What gigantic double-standards the US possesses is crystal clear from Mr. Munter's statement MUBUSHARALI SULEHRIA, Wah Cantt, March 25.