Islamabad-Female commuters of the twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi have been enjoying Metro Bus service (MBS) with respectful and convenience since its start.

Talking to APP here on Sunday, a large number of women showed trust and satisfaction on this service said that problems due to over-crowdedness remained on the other public transportation now they preferred to travel through the metro service. Rabia Kamran, a school girl who travels to Islamabad daily where getting eduction, she said that Metro Bus Service (MBS) giving relief from the continuous eve teasing in other public transport.

She said that now she feels safer as it has a separate travelling area for women. Another student Ushna Ahmad said she lives in Sadiqabad,

Rawalpindi, and study in an Islamabad educational institution. “I faced worst situation in private transport but now I am fully satisfied with Metro Bus service which has boost the confidence of women.”

“At least I am sure that my travelling from Rawalpindi to Islamabad would now be safe and without much frustration, in cool air-conditioned bus,” said Gazal Anwar, a workingwoman. While parents and families of female students and working women are also seemed somewhat relaxed with the launching of MBS. Abbas Rehman, a local, said that it was really a headache for him to bring his young daughter to college and his wife to her office from Rawalpindi because condition of the public transport was worse and in fact it was nothing less than harassment.

“After launch of this bus service, I have allowed them to go to their destinations on their own,” he added.