KAMALIA-The US wants everlasting terrorism and riots in Pakistan as its interests cannot be fulfilled if peace prevails in the region thus it can never be a friend of Pakistan, JUI-F leader Senator Hamadullah.

During a press conference, he said, "Institutions do more corruption in the country than the individuals do. JUI-F presents itself before anyone else for accountability. No parliamentarian of JUI-F has been involved in corruption. If the government wishes to take any action against corruption, it must start from Sindh."

Talking about PTI, he said, "PTI wants to rule in the name of accountability. It has been proven through reliable sources that KPK government has failed miserably and most of their ministers have been involved in corruption." He stated that the foreign policy of the country was one of the worst in the world. If the state and the state institutions fulfil their responsibilities, only then the country can prosper and move forward, he said. He lamented that the government had not taken any serious step in dealing with the blasphemers. He demanded strict action against the bloggers.

He said that whatever the court decides about the Panama case, JUI-F will accept it. Provincial Information Coordinator (Punjab) Maulana Hassan Moawia and Qari Umar Farooq were present.