Political party Mustaqbil Pakistan has arranged a joint marriage ceremony for 20 couples in Rodo Sultan, Tehsil Athara Hazari District Jung.

A video of the ceremony has been posted on their social media accounts.

The marriages of 20 couples were arranged by Mustaqbil Pakistan for those families who could not afford to manage the expenses.

Families and friends took part in the joint wedding and elders of the area too came to give their blessings.

Dowry was presented to the brides and some cash to the grooms as salaami.

Chairman of Mustaqbil Pakistan, Engineer Nadeem Mumtaz Quraishi, was the chief guest on the occasion.

In his address to the gathering he said: “The government has failed to provide the public with basic needs.”

Regarding marriages and relationships he said: “It is the duty of men to help women when they are suffering.”

Mustaqbil Pakistan is a political party that was formed in 2010.