Islamabad-Public parks, entertainment centres, zoos and other popular destinations witnessed a huge rush of citizens with their families to enjoy the holiday. According to a report aired by a private news channel, a number of families in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi visited parks and other resorts to enjoy the pleasant weather. Families thronged the Rawal Lakeview Park, Pakistan

Monument, zoo and Play land.

Lakeview Park is becoming the most popular recreational spot for the families as it is equipped with necessary modern facilities for the visitors. Zoo officials said that people visited zoo during holidays as cages of monkeys, lions and tigers, bear house and snake house were the points of attractions for children.

However, the elephant house was as usual the most visited place in the Zoo. Children were seen gone crazy to see a glimpse of the elephant, hippopotamus and rhino, which were present in each other’s neighbourhood.

A visitor at zoo said he along with his family came to park to enjoy the holiday. Pleasant weather had increased the joyfulness of the day, he added.

“I am capturing the memorable moments in my camera and my husband is making a video of our visit, said Humera, a resident said. Children prefer visiting the zoo and the play land as both places have a lot for them. The two places were full with children of different ages on the weekend.


There is a dire need to provide people with more recreational spots where people can spend weekends and other holidays with their families, citizens demanded.