LAHORE -  Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) CEO Bernd Hildenbrand has said that airline has saved millions of rupees during one year by refurbishing Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and passenger transport vehicles.

He expressed these remarks while talking to senior PIA management after inspection visit of Ramp Services and Food Services divisions. The PIA CEO said that during the last one year PIA has added 24 new GSE which include AC vans, baggage belts, ambu-lifters and hi-lifters, while four Ground Power Units are on their way. In addition, renovation of old equipment is also being done using airline's indigenous resources.

Unfortunately, PIA's current ground equipment is mostly over 25-year-old and no investment was done for many years, he said. That is why, he said, it is very important that special care should be given to existing equipment so that it could serve the airline well in the months and years to come.

The PIA CEO was pleased to note that a lot of improvements have been brought about in the working of these divisions. He said work is being done in the right direction but there's still a long way to go. Hildenbrand asked the management to ensure improved efficiency in their respective departments, particularly focusing on cleaning and maintenance of ground support equipment. He also visited different areas of maintenance facility. The PIA CEO particularly appreciated the steps taken in the Catering division during last one year regarding cleanliness of premises and hygiene of food.