LAHORE - An exhibition of acrylic and oil painting featuring the artwork of disabled children was held on Sunday by Team Dreams organization at Lahore Polo Club with an opportunity and space to be united for a better right base for all.

The exhibition showcased 35 artwork of 30 `disabled children. People from all walks of life visited their exhibition and appreciated their talent.  Most of the painting exhibited highlighted best of nature on both large and medium canvases. 

Executive Director Team Dreams Asma Qureshi said that our motive is to create mutual understanding and ensure the oneness among the disabled persons and the counterparts. The aim of this exhibition was to expose the children with disabilities and recognise their interpretation to art and culture which was a new learning experience for them.

“Since the wheelchair demand is growing, the donors must come forward to help special and destitute children,” she said. President Team Dreams Naureel Abbas said that the main objective to organise this activity was to exhibit the hidden talent of these destitute children. It was an opportunity for those children who never got change to showcase their artwork in front of the public.“We have raised some funds through this exhibition and from that revenue we are going to purchase special wheelchairs for them and showcase their artwork to the audience,” he said.