Islamabad-The summer garments, fabrics and colours with elegant floral prints and stunning summer shades attracting buyers’ especially young girls all over the country.

A report aired by a private news channel said, this is an ideal time to pick summer clothes because anything sold off-season or at the outset of season is available at reasonable prices than in the mid of the season. The newest styles of summer dresses are also available in the markets but mostly summer variety has been retrieved and displayed from last year’s collection, says a shopkeeper at a local market. Fabrics displayed in markets are of various types including thick or thin in a variety of summer colours with mostly floral and small prints while choicest shades of the people are usually light in the season such as pastel, white, off-white and creamy colours. For the last few years, the launching of various brands have offered variety of designs that facilitate the fashion lovers to wear exquisite apparels and get rid of expensive tailoring. Those who want to wear something very extra ordinary and less common; they go to branded outlets as they offer ready to wear apparels and matching accessories to colour the summer apparels, said a Young girl Asma Tahir at garment shop.


Lawn and cotton fabric exhibitions are also organized every year in which the textile mills, designers and popular brands contribute a variety of latest prints and styles on discounted rates.

The demand of light colours echoes the nature of the season which is the warmest season of the year and people feel comfortable while wearing light colours and soft fabrics. At the mid of March, shopkeepers start putting up summer stuff at their outlets while this year they displayed their collection at the mid of February, said a local shopkeeper. The shopkeepers have also displayed winter items on discounted prices as the season started vanishing and it is also not sure that whether next year these fashions will remain in vogue or not.