MULTAN-PML-Q stalwart and former deputy premier Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi yesterday declared that whatever verdict on Panamagate case comes, it certainly will "clear fate of the rulers."

"The entire nation is eyeing Supreme Court for Panamagate case verdict, which definitely, will be a milestone in the elimination of corruption from the country."

PML-Q senior leader Pervaiz Elahi was addressing a workers convention here in Abbaspur Union Council on Sunday.

He lashed out at the rulers, saying no government seems in the country. "The government is visible only in advertisements and TV ads, contrary to the facts exist on the ground," he elaborated.

He claimed that the number of projects completed during his tenure were equivalent to the projects completed in the past 50 five years of the province.

Pervaiz Elahi recalled that the PML-Q government constructed 600 km long water tributaries, made 40 small dams, formed different departments including Rescue 1122, Departments for beggars, Police check-post, educational institutes for special persons and many others.

He criticised the Punjab chief minister, saying that the incumbent Shehbaz Sharif 'wasted' Rs28 billion on an aimless project (Metro Bus) in Multan. "This money could have been spent on hospitals, educational institutes and other projects instead of Jangla Bus," he regretted.

Pervaiz Elahi claimed that the current government doesn't care about the poor masses.

The PML-Q stalwart said that the government should pay attention to the provision of healthcare and education facilities, citing education and healthcare as the basic requirement of the masses. He criticized the policy to hand over public hospitals to contractors, saying that on one hand, the Federal government is making tall claims regarding building hospitals and issuing Health Cards while on the other hand, the Punjab government is handing over hospitals to private sector. "The government should ensure presence of doctors in hospitals and improve the situation, instead of making tall and hollow claims," he emphasised. Pervaiz Elahi also stressed the need for making pro-farmer policies. "Government should not import vegetables from India as Pakistan produces ample vegetables, enough for local needs," he pointed out. The PML-Q leader alleged that funds meant for South Punjab are being spent on Orange Line train in Lahore. "The law and order situation has worsened in Punjab and the government has totally failed to resolve public problems," he took a jibe at the rulers.