FF-LOS ANGELES-Zoe Saldana was worried ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ could live up to the success of the first film.

The 38-year-old actress reprises her role as Gamora in the Marvel sequel but was concerned there was a huge risk involved in revisiting something that had been so successful.

She said: ‘’You would think we’d come back cocky and high-fiving.

‘’’Guardians’ felt to me like going to Vegas, you bet and you win. But the stakes are so much higher now.

‘’There’s a fear of losing that specialty, becoming cavalier and comfortable and ruining it. So everybody has been on point.’’

But her co-star Chris Pratt thinks director James Gunn has taken the right approach in making the new film radically different from the first.

He said: ‘’James wanted to go so outside of the box that he explodes the box.

‘’It’s a serious departure. And in a bigger, better, more explosive way. I really believe that.’’

Though the director confirmed the sequel is ‘’bigger and crazier’’ than the first movie, he insists that wasn’t his intention.

He told Empire magazine: ‘’The goal was to create something more honest.

‘’It’s deeper in a lot of ways. If the first film was about outsiders who fight their basic nature to become a family, this movie is about being a family.’’

And cast member Dave Bautista has promised there are some ‘’emotional’’ moments in the movie because of the ‘’family’’ theme.

He said: ‘’It’s about family, about chosen family.

‘’It’s such a great topic, it hits a lot of emotional points.’’