ISLAMABAD -  The government has doubled the budget for health sector under the Ministry on National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Division (NHS) for fiscal year 2017-18.

The government allocated more than Rs48 billion for NHS in the Public Sector Development Programm (PSDP) which has included five new schemes for the next monetary year.

Last year, Rs24,951 million were set for the ministry to carry out 18 health programmes at the national level. The number of health programmes at national level has been increased to 23 this year.

The total amount allocated for NHS in fresh budget is Rs48,701 million and out of which Rs16,901.132 million has been allocated for new projects. However, the monetary value for ongoing projects has risen to Rs37,500.323 million. Interestingly, the five new projects introduced for the new fiscal years have not been approved yet.

The new unapproved programmes include National Preventive Health Programme, Prime Minister’s (PM) National Health Programme- Phase-II, PM Programme for new Hospitals (Phase-I), PM’s Programme for New Hospitals, Master Planning, Design, Medical Equipment Planning and Construction Supervision Services for Construction of Forty Six 500,250 and 100 Bed Hospitals across Pakistan and Strengthening of Health Services Academy Islamabad.

The project Master Planning, Design, Medical Equipment Planning and Construction Supervision Services for Construction of Forty Six 500,250 and 100 Bed Hospitals across Pakistan was announced last year but still no work has been started on it. However, Rs1,317.752 million has been set for the programme.

Another major amount of Rs800 million has been allocated for the scheme of PM Programme for new Hospitals (Phase-I). Rs700 million has been allocated for Prime Minister’s National Health Programme - Phase-II and Rs500 million for National Preventive Health Programme.

For Health Services Academy Rs83.380 million have been allocated.

New projects will receive Rs77.180 million as foreign component and Rs16823.952million as local PSDP.

The ongoing projects will get Rs835million as foreign assistance for different programs and Rs.36665.328million as local PSDP.

Total estimated cost for the health projects were Rs2,78,843.973 million and the government allocated Rs48,701.460 million for the projects.

In ongoing schemes, National Programme for Family Planning & Primary Health Care remained top priority of the government as Rs16,400 million were allocated for the programme.

Following it, Population Welfare Programme Provinces will get Rs7705.145 million while Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI) will get Rs7,400 million for the project. The EPI programme also includes Rs5700 million provincial share. The government allocated Rs3,000 for the PM’s National Health Programme and only Rs124 million for the National TB control programme.

Meanwhile for the project of national Resource Center for Raw Material Traditional Medicine though has been included for next PSDP no amount has been allocated for the project.

The National Maternal, Neonatal and child Health Program (MNCH) will get  Rs1,046.219 while the Roll Back Malaria Control Programme will get Rs124 million. The National Population Welfare Programme, Azad Jammu& Kashmir will get Rs273.356million and Population Welfare Programme, Gilgit-Baltistan will receive Rs273.356 million.

Meanwhile, government allocated Rs.10.846 million for improvement and upgradation of existing building and equipment for the manufacturing of measles vaccines.

While, Rs46.964 has been set aside for the upgradation of supply and filling line to improve the vaccines’ supply and filling system to achieve the CGMP standards at the National Institute of Health (NIH).