Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said Saturday that no new tax has been levied in the federal budget that would adversely affect the public.

"However, those defaulting on income tax would be dealt strictly," he added while addressing a post-budget news conference in the capital on Saturday.

While commenting on posts he had read on social media regarding the federal budget for fiscal year 2017-18, Dar said the price of milk has not been increased in the new budget.

The finance minister added that he would speak to officials in the Ministry of National Food Security and the provincial governments regarding the matter.

"I don't know how far it is true but the rate is the same as it was on July 1, 2016."

He added that there was no reason for sellers to increase the rate of milk. "I'm giving a clarification because we have not taken any such step," he assured.

During the news conference, Dar also told the media persons about the three-year macro-economic road map devised by the government, instead of a five-year plan.

"We should make a Charter of Economy and work towards the goal together," he maintained. "Even the (United Nations) sustainable development goals should be worked on by taking our economy into consideration."

Moreover, the finance minister also spoke about the relief given to farmers, saying they have introduced schemes for small farmers.

He further added that the government also plans to provide IT training to 1 million freelance youth.

The minister stated that the government will continue to tighten its grip around non-filers of tax returns to bring them into the tax net.

Dar also announced that the Rs180-million export relief will continue in the next fiscal year as well.

He also clarified that the electricity subsidy on tube-wells for farmers will also continue.

Informing the media of a Rs120 billion allocation for salaries and allowances, Dar said government employees are satisfied with the raise in salaries and special allowances.

Criticising the practices of the past governments, the minister said in order to increase employment over-staffing was conducted in government departments.

He claimed that the federal government, with the latest budget proposal, has achieved the goals it had set in its party manifesto.