ISLAMABAD - The IPC minister Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada finally met with Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif in Parliament House on Friday prior to budget speech.

The sources present on the occasion confirmed to The Nation that pleasantries were exchanged on the occasion, as the IPC minister, who had resigned in protest over PM’s principle secretary Fawad Hussain Fawad’s interference into the IPC ministry and also mainly over the suspension of his PSB Director General Akhtar Ganjera.

The sources said that the PM shook hand with Riaz Pirzada and told him that he was not going to accept his resignation and termed him an asset to party and ensured him his genuine demands would be addressed. “The IPC minister was although upset with a number of persons and was mainly in highly offensive mood as almost one month was passed since he tendered his resignation and he was hanging in air and no one was ready to clear the air, but he was never in a mood to leave the party and was loyal to PM Nawaz Sharif, which was the main reasons, the PM had always had soft corner for him,” the sources said.

The sources further revealed that now chances of Ganjera’s back to his office were very bright and already the PSB officers had started to make contacts with Ganjera and assuring him about their loyalties. The same officials had not made any contact with Ganjera for the last month or so, when he was suspended and now sensing the situation, the opportunists were once again changing their loyalties. The sources also confirmed to this scribe that Riaz Pirzada had already planning his future course of action and he had made some high-profile targets, which he was going to address as soon as he would be back on the hot seat and signs were not good for all those, who were involved or had any sort of role in the entire episode.