Islamabad - Though education was declared a provincial subject after 18th amendment but the budget for federal education has been increased almost six times as compared to previous fiscal year.

However, the ministry included 70 per cent of the project from the previous fiscal year, which remained incomplete. However, the allocation for the previous projects has been immensely increased for the 2017-18 fiscal year.

The Federal Education and Professional Training Division get more than Rs2 billion in the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) for fiscal year 2017-18. In PSDP 2016-17, the allocated funds for the federal education were Rs512.764 million.

As per budget documents, Rs2961.926 million were allocated for ongoing and new schemes for the projects all over the country.

For the fiscal 2017-18, three new projects have been included but all of them are unapproved so far.

As per details, Rs2385.926 million has been set for on-going projects while Rs576million have been set for new projects.

The new projects include capacity building of education managers and Rs26 million has been allocated for the scheme.

Similarly for National Education Reform Initiative Rs500 million have been set and for the project of teaching Holy Quran in BECS and NCHD Schools Rs50 million has been allocated. The status of all these schemes is unapproved.

Meanwhile, in outgoing schemes total 10 projects are underway including Educational Leadership and Institutional Program, Establishment of National Curriculum Council, improving human development indicators, mainstreaming of Madaris, modernisation and standardization of examination system, best teachers awards, vocational schools in public private partnership, participation in trends international mathematics sciences, use of data for educational planning and management using and establishment & operation of basic education community schools in the country.

The scheme has been revised and Rs1467.056 million has been allocated for the project.

For mainstreaming of seminaries Rs16 million has been set and for Improving Human Development indicators Rs 737.180 million have been allocated.