HUNZA: Whenever  temperatures rise in the plains of Pakistan, people turn their attention to cooler places that provide an endless natural beauty. One such place is the Hunza Valley which has become quite popular in recent times.

It is home to cold springs and clear lakes during the summer which is hustling and bustling with tourists.

The valley has an element of peace and serenity that is not present in other tourist spots like Murree which becomes as congested during the summer as any large urban centre in Pakistan. It is blessed with a picture-perfect landscape, blissful winds, and towering snowcapped peaks which is deemed as a heaven on earth.

Tourists coming to the valley are welcomed by the enchanting views and gushing springs and rivers. Hunza has an excess of soul-pleasing views that can satisfy anyone.

Attabad Lake, which came into existence just a few years back, is now a popular destination for tourists. The lake is a spectacular shade of blue and reflects the snow-capped mountains surrounding it. What started off as a natural calamity is now an attraction for both local and foreign tourists.

To replace the part of the highway that was submerged by the lake, a tunnel has been bored through the mountains running next to the lake. The tunnels are a part of the Karakoram Highway that goes all the way to the Khunjerab border pass into China.

Tourists can indulge in various activities at Attabad lake along with fishing and boating in the lake.

To increase the facilities for tourists visiting the lake, the government should undertake concrete steps to ease their visit to the lake. Facilities like a resort near the lake can increase the number of tourists and a source of income for the locals.