KARACHI   -   Former Muttahida Quami Movement –Pakistan (MQM-P) leader and MQM revival committee chief Farooq Sattar on Sunday rejected the remarks of the Prime Minister Imran Khan opposing the division of the Sindh province and said that they did not accept premier’s stance on formation of an administrative unit in the Sindh province.

He said this while hosting an Iftar event in the city that was attended by members of political parties and people from other walks of life. 

He said that unfortunately Karachi is not a priority for any political party and the incumbent government- that has major stake of legislators from the city- should resolve the issues of the city on priority basis. “The city of over 200 million is facing acute shortage of the clean drinking water but the federal and provincial governments are yet to resolve their disputes to initiate bulk water supply projects in the city,” he said adding that without water, lives of the Karachiites would become miserable.

He further lamented the federal government for only announcing a university in Hyderabad and said that no action has been taken on ground for it. He said that the Iftar party was aimed at inviting people from different walks of life and shows a greater unity among nation. “This country was formed after giving sacrifices and we have to work with unity to run its affairs properly,” he said.  

He said that the country is passing through testing times and the rising inflation has made it difficult for the masses. “Time has come that intellectuals and political people should sit together to formulate a joint policy ahead for the nation,” he said.