Happy girls are the prettiest and no other girl in Pakistan’s entertainment Industry, perhaps, is enjoying the kind of bliss that Minal Khan is currently. Call her lucky or hard working, she has captured a top spot at the marquee with verve and zest. Maintaining a balance of shine and substance in her reel and real life respectively Minal Khan has carved a comfy spot in Pakistan’s television Industry with her super hit drama serials.

In a brief encounter with The Nation, the actress talks about her career and success in the showbiz industry. Following are the excerpts.

What was the moment when you realized you wanted to become an actress?

I never got a chance to realize, I wanted to become an actress because I am working in showbiz industry since at the age of eight as a child actor and when I grew up I became a successful actress.

Is stardom your aim or you just want to be known as a great actor?

Stardom is not my aim my focus is to become a good actor first.

What would be your advice to a girl who has no connection to showbiz industry but wants to become an actress?

My advice to those girls is that showbiz is a phenomenon industry. It is growing with the passage of time and now days we have proper agencies established which take auditions and discover new talent.

Your drama serial ‘Qismat’ is all about making compromises in life for family. Would you like to tell us something about it?

Qismat will soon be on air on HUMTV. I am really excited about this project. There is another project titled ‘Hasad’ which will come on air after Eid ul Fitr on ARY digital. For me, ‘Hasad’ is one of the best projects I have ever done in my entire career in Television industry.

Your acting was really praised in drama serial ‘Parchayee’, tell us something about it?

‘Parchayee’ is really close to my heart. My fans even today ask me about it. It was a project which I would consider the best memory of my life.

Why don’t you move toward films, any special reason behind it?

Everybody has their own dreams. My priorities are very straight. I know what is important for me. And whenever I do anything, I plan it very well. I am waiting for good script. If it clicks me I will surely move towards films.

How do you deal with criticism?

I, being an actress, faced a lot of criticism. I learnt to handle them gracefully. It is disheartening, of course, especially if there is a series of criticism on something which you put your heart to. But I do not overanalyze things, I move on. I know I am doing good work in Television Industry and my fans really appreciate it. For me, that matters a lot.

Would you like to tell us something about your upcoming projects?

‘Kismat’ and ‘Hasad’ are my upcoming projects and I hope my fans are going to love them. I am really excited about both the projects.