LODHRAN-Parents should take keen interest in the education of their children, and they must not let their children indulge in television and video games.

These views were expressed by Tareen Education Foundation chairperson Dr Javeria during her visit to different schools in Lodhran including Govt Technical High School Ghagan Hatta and Govt Girls Primary Community School Chak No. 100/M.

She said that a child’s education was the responsibility of parents, adding that they were required to ensure all necessary arrangements for the education of their children from early age. “Good Education does not mean sending your kid to an expensive or English medium school, but it means that child should have complete knowledge of his syllabus, age and grade and the syllabus should be taught as it is meant to be taught,” she said. “Parents should not satisfy themselves by sending their children to schools or tuitions only. A child’s qualification should be tested through different exams. Children should not be asked to cram books because cramming suppresses the abilities of children,” she added.

She pointed out that education should not be a part of memory only, but it should also be made part of personality. “While selecting educational fields for children, their interest should be kept in mind and do not force your own interest and choice on children,” she emphasised. “Children always learn better when they study the subjects of their interest. It polishes their skills. Such skills in their field not only save them from financial difficulties but also keep them mentally calm,” she added.

Dr Javeria said that it was the problem of each household that children spent more time with TV than parents. She added most of the time mothers let their children sit in front of television due to their busy schedule. “If you let your children indulge in television programs, it will impart negative effects on young minds. They will develop emotions of stubbornness, intolerance, and anger and concept of shame in their character will be eliminated. So, it is necessary to take this matter seriously because cheap entertainment can pose a threat to the life and future of your children.”

She stated: “It is better for all of us not to limit our children to electronic gadgets which do not have any link to education, literature and healthy activities and children learn nothing from them.”

On the occasion, Deputy District Education Officer Madam Zahira Batool briefed Dr Javeria about the facilities being provided at schools.

Chairperson Dr. Javeria checked the educational projects in Ghagan Hatta High School provided by Tareen Education Foundation. She also interacted with children, and appreciated the efforts of teachers in providing good standard education to students and building confidence in them.

She said that the foundation would provide more journals, books with photos in English and Urdu to Schools’ library. She urged the teachers to continue their hard work and efforts for imparting quality education to children.