The Balochistan government is reported to have forwarded arrest warrants of accused of Nawab Akbar Bugtis murder case to the federal government to arrange arrest of main culprits. Those whose arrest warrants have been sent include former President Pervez Musharraf, former Prime Minister, Shaukat Aziz and former Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Yousuf. The trial court issued these warrants on Nov 1 while the Balochistan High Court chief Justice Qazi Faez Essa directed the authorities to ensure the extradition of the accused currently living abroad. The available course of action with the federal government is to contact Interpol in England and secure their repatriation. There must not be any further delay because that would amount to adding salt to injury as far as people of Balochistan are concerned. All political parties, civil society and leaders of Bugti tribe have been pressing hard for prompt legal proceedings against those who were named in the FIR. Pervez Musharraf who earlier announced that he would return to Pakistan on March 23, 2012 has now stated that he might return in January. Upon return, he should volunteer to become part of the legal process which would be in his interest. In his recent statement Musharraf said that he was not responsible for the operation that killed leading personality of Bugti tribe and instead shifted the blame to provincial government on whose request the said operation was carried out.