Bangladesh has asked for an apology for atrocities committed by the Pakistani army but on its own part Bangladeshi policymakers should read the wonderfully detailed book entitled Dead Reckoning: Memories of the 1971 Bangladesh war which is entirely devoted to one issue , who really killed whom and when. This is published by Oxford Pakistan. Sarmila Bose in the book has gone to a considerable length documenting both Mukti Bahini atrocities against Beharis but also earlier killing by Awami League activists before the arrest of Sheikh Mujib. Should Pakistan also invite applications of those killed and start posthumous trial of Sheikh Mujib and ask for war reparations and compensations from his family. Pakistanis will probably have no hesitation in acknowledging that East Pakistan was not given a good deal financially and politically as long it was part of Pakistan. But it is Sheikh Mujib who despite announcement by Yahya that he would be the next prime minister of Pakistan, did not stop its party cadre to go on the killing spree which led to military intervention on the night of 15th March 1971. History cannot be reversed. The Bengali Muslim elders, the Indian Muslim elders, and the current West Pakistani Muslim elders got together under Quaid-i-Azam for the creation of Pakistan, both east and western wings. Bengali contribution to existing Pakistan is undeniable. But It is also undeniable that rapid incorporation of Bengalis in army, in senior civil service positions was already in full swing when Bangladesh separated. In my opinion had the union lasted for another seven to eight years it might have lasted much more. Mujeeb was not killed by West Pakistanis, he was killed by his own people. Bangladeshi government must understand that petty quarrels cannot alter the fact that Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are natural allies something which rebel generals of Bangladesh did not take even ten years to understand and came to Pakistan, we hope that Mujeeb clan would understand that too. Instead of asking for apology both sides should see to it those who suffered during separation are duly compensated. Meanwhile Bangladesh should stop posing as if aliens ruled them. Some of Prime Ministers of Pakistan were Bengalis. M. SHAIKH, November 23.