The crisis in Pak-US relations continues and has spread to the rest of NATO, when a NATO helicopter attack on a Pakistani checkpost, Salala in Mohmand Agency, martyred no less than 25 Pakistani troops, including two officers. The rest of the 40 soldiers posted there were wounded, in the wee hours of Saturday. As a result, NATO supplies, which come through Pakistan, were shut down by the Pakistan government. Thus the government found itself forced to take a step it had taken last year after NATO helicopters had killed two troops, but which it reversed after NATO apologised for the incident, after 10 days. At that time, there had not been incidents such as the Abbottabad raid, the Raymond Davis affair or Memogate. Not only are the casualties much higher, and involve some of very high ranks, but relations with the USA are now bound to worsen. The initial doubts about the location of the border are not enough to explain the incident, for the checkpost is no less than 2.5 kilometres inside the border. It would be a mistake for the government even to contemplate the withdrawal of the ban. It should also be noted that the militants, whom the USA holds responsible for the tension in the region, have fought the Pakistani armed forces because they are on the American side of the War on Terror, but have never inflicted such heavy casualties on them in a single attack. For the USA, or NATO, to expect that an apology would serve, as before, to wash away its crime, and allow supplies to flow as usual, will be an error. To contemplate a restoration would be to invite an even bigger disaster. It would also show to NATO that the government does not care for the lives of its soldiers. It has already shown a supreme indifference to the fate of its civilian citizens, but such casualness towards its military forces would be unprecedented. The stopping of NATO supplies should be a starting point, with a swift movement to disengagement from the USAs so-called War on Terror, the logical next step. The government thinks that adherence to the USA would cause it to continue in office, but it should disabuse itself of that notion. It is up to Pakistan to show that it regards its own citizens lives with importance equal to, if not greater than, some other states.