It was yet another incident of savage, ruthless ferocity at the hands of police in Sheikhupura when two poor laborers were beaten black and blue by them. The footage of the police brutality as shown on different TV channels evoked chilling reminders of the Middle Ages when the suspects were barbarously beaten. I am short of words to express my anguish over the said incident. The two laborers had been working in a cement warehouse for twenty long years. On the suspicion that they have stolen Rs. 600000, the owner of the warehouse complained to a relative and at his behest, the Sheikhupura Police kept whipping them with leather strip for one full hour. They kept shrieking and growling with pain after each lash they received on their bodies by the furious policemen. At last they lost their consciousness and were thrown in a lock-up. It is not a solitary incident of its nature in our country but the cruelty of police has become an order of the day. In fact, there is a desperate need to reform the police system in our country. All I can beseech the concerned department is that they must induct only mentally healthy persons in police department. No doubt, the Sheikhupura incident is fraught with inhumanity but it also reveals mental illness on the part of policemen. Let me add, the police in Pakistan is bad as well as mad. MUBUSHAR ALI SULEHRIA, Wah Cantt, November 26.