KANDHKOT - The demand of dry fruits and soups has increased throughout Kashmore with the arrival of winter.

As winter sets in, people from all ages including men, women, as well as children throng to various shops and stalls of soups for consuming different flavours of soups to getting warm themselves.

It is observed that during the cold weather people set up their temporary stalls and shops of dry fruits and soups at different roads and markets of the city. More than 100 fruits and soups stalls at Tower, Hybat, Wadesha and bank square road were set up.

When approached to shop and stall owners namely Allah Dino, Rahmat, Nazir Khan they told that due to cold and foggy weather the demand as well as consuming of various soups flavours including chicken soups, hot and sour soups chicken noodle soups,vegetable soups, egg soups and especially chicken corn soups have increased in various parts of Kandhkot.

People of Kandhkot and its surroundings areas come to stalls and consume it and also purchase different flavours for their family especially children. However, soup's rates are very cheaper as single cup is offered only in 30 rupees while big cup from 70 to 100. They said that this is a cheaper and also profitable business as we have been doing last for several decades.

Whereas customers at a stall told that when cold weather sets in, the demand of soups and dry fruits rise in the area particularly in December and January as those are severe cold months of the district.

When is scribed approached to dry fruits vendors especially belonging to Quetta they told that people of Sindh specially Kashmore and Kandhkot are very fond of having dry fruits as people are mostly purchase almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios, dates, raisins and dried fig.