News reports emerged throughout Wednesday suggesting several university administrations were taking action against students seeking to participate in the so-called "Student Solidarity March" to be held nationwide on November 29.

The Punjab University (PU) has allegedly terminated the postgraduate degree of one of its students in connection with the march. Hasnain Jameel is an M.Phil student of Political Science at the university. According to a notification issued by the PU administration, his degree has been cancelled, and his entry banned into the university. Allegedly, no prior warning had been issued to the student for his activity.

Jameel was a part of the viral video from the Faiz Festival in Lahore, in which students were reciting the poetry of Bismil Azimabadi. In the video, Jameel was playing a traditional drum that gave the chant its beat.

Sociologist and activist Ammar Ali Jaan wrote on Twitter: "Targeting him (Jameel) is proof that corrupt university admins are afraid of (the) emerging power of students. A robust team of lawyers is ready to defend them in court."

In separate news, the Governor's Secretariat in Quetta has allegedly issued a notice to the University of Balochistan (UoB). In the notice, the government indicated that it had banned all student political activity in the province, and empowered security agencies to take any action necessary to ensure no students would be involved in any kind of public gathering.

Last month, UoB became embroiled in a national scandal when it emerged that it may have been blackmailing female students, and extracting bribes from them by threatening to inform their parents of their interactions with male students. A Senate fact-finding mission, as well as a judicial investigation, is already underway in an investigation that implications the former Vice-Chancellor of the university as well.

PU has been no stranger to controversy, with a notorious reputation of being dominated by student activists from the Islami Jamiat-e-Tuleba. The group has been involved in the harassment of students and professors in several university departments, and a protest against the group's activity by Punjab University students took place earlier last month. In 2013, operatives of Al-Qaeda were discovered to have been staying in the university hostels. The complacency of the administration in the Jamiat-e-Tuleba's antics, as well as its arbitrary policy measures, are what give those protesting against PU much of their substance.