One of the only few military-affiliated voices to speak on the subject of the extension, Lt Gen (retd) Amjad Shoaib said in a media interview that the controversy surrounding the extension of the current army chief is an "embarrassment" for the institution of the Pakistan army.

In an interview with Shahzeb Khanzada on Geo News, Gen Shoaib said the military had no role in the process of acquiring the extension, and that most of the work was done and decided by the Pakistani bureaucracy.

Even ministers, he said, do not generally know about the intricacies of these matters, and bureaucrats do most of the case-work for them. "Those involved in the process should be held accountable," he told Khanzada in the interview.

He also claimed General Bajwa was not personally interested in getting an extension, saying that the government had persuaded him to work for another term after Prime Minister Imran Khan's visit to the United States.

General Shoaib also stated that General Bajwa had helped the government its foreign policy and in its economic affairs, and apparently, had even helped the government acquire loans from the Middle East.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has adjourned the hearing on the case of the extension until Thursday morning. Although its legal order suggests that the court has permanently suspended the extension, it remains to be seen whether the language of the court in its order will be upheld in its eventual judgement.